Ransom Water Polo Tournament 4/5 to 4/6 2013

Miami -1

Good Morning Miamiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! We're all here to win - 

ransom page decore 1-1

Friday you hudled for warmth

belen 2-1

Saturday, we could all appreciate the incredible Ransom Everglades facilities - rising from the pools blessed by the sun and ready to take on all comers…..

with shots so hard the breeze cooled the spectators!

belen 1-1
side alex-1

I took thousands of shots over two days, shooting 11 games on Saturday.

I did as much as one man could and now I'm processing, cropping and photo shopping as fast as i can. Check for your game on the right they will all be added over the next few days.

ransom page decore 5-1

Lots of hard shots were felled by our young buck goalies.- By the way, love my work or hate it I always appreciate your comments below: