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I have, for reasons of available time, decided to no longer update this site for each game.  All game photos are updated at my gallery site at https://elijahquest.smugmug.com 

Nothings else changes - Still Belen, still free, just no time to update a site most students ignored away.  I’m just bending to necessity - the photo below is the first page of the smug mug site and the browse menu takes you to each sport.

south florida co ed under 14 vs belen club 9-30-12
white cap under 14 vs plantation 4-20-13-42

Welcome to

Elijahquest!  By the way, Elijah is my Boston Terrier. The "quest" was my desire to find a way to occupy my time, engage my skills and artistic inclinations during what I trust will be a long, happy retirement.  This site is the result. I seek to promote High School sports AND the concept of "paying it forward".There are no scores, names or opinions allowed on this site. It is intended to be a community of student athletes and parents. The photos belong not to me but to the athletes and their families and friends. The photos are yours to keep but accept the obligation to do some small act for someone else .  

belen vs coral gables 2-19-14-2
belen jesuit vs st. thomas aquinas championship game-72
belen august practive 8-9-14-20


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