Saint Andrew's Water Polo Tournament 7/7/12

game 3 scots b vs sfwpc b -3

game 3 scots b vs sfwpc b -8


Have patience my little friend! We're almost there.

20120707 cover shot-1


Yesterday was a long hot day for an old man - I'm working on the photos - you've hit the right page.  As I finish the games ( I shot nearly 4,000 photos yesterday and I'm working in photoshop now ) an icon link to each game will be added to the right side column.

I started with the Scots vs Coral Springs ( see head shot above ) and ended with the Scots B vs SFWPC b.  - seven games so it will take a bit - I won't compromise quality so each digital raw image is looked at, selected, cropped, color corrected, etc. - all this means around 3 hours or more per game.