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 This site is my hobby; a place to balance the artistic, creative side of me with the more mundane. Here, I play with color and graphics, with ideas and ways to process images to make them more interesting  - more capable of a vibrant statementWhen I go to a High School event I'm , often, afraid to try something new as I want to be able to deliver photos from that event that 


are the best that I can.  My park visits are the place for that and , in the end, everyone benefits. 

The skateparks are my laboratories to try new and different things.

The link at the right will take you to my collection of park photos before my move to Florida - 22 galleries with 4,674 photos.

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Here is something I wrote several years ago and still holds true:

I started shooting skateboarding in the summer of 2008 - Baseball was over - what to do?  I went to the park in Woodbridge and found that I love the sport. The kids are nice - I mean very nice and supportive and the types of shots I can get are tremendously energetic and dramatic.  Perfect for photoshop enhancements and effects. Also, the skate parks Give me a place to play with exposure, techniques, angles, composition - all without the fear of leaving a scheduled game with nothing because the experiment did not work - that is the very nature of an experiment but embarrassing if everyone is expecting images.