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I have been involved in soccer for more than 40 years; I was a founder of the youth league in my town in New Jersey coaching the under 18 team for years. As I got older i kept involved through my hobby ( obsession really ) of sport photography. Now that I have retired from work and relocated to Florida I want to keep busy with my sport site and I knew I had lucked on the right team to follow when I head the Coral Springs Charter coach say, " be humble in victory and gracious in defeat." 

I use this site not only to keep me busy, holding off the perils of couch potato induced senility but to support the concept of paying it forward.  I deeply appreciate the opportunity to take my photos and in return allow the free download of my images.  Click on the link in the sidebar to the right and it will take you to a photo hosting site. If you would like any photo let your mouse hover over the large photo on display at the site ( you will see this easily ) when your mouse is over the large photo ( you can change the photo by clicking on any one of the small ones ) a tool kit is displayed and the lowest one will allow download.

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