Soccer 2015-16 season

Fabulous season last year and it looks to be heading off to an even better season.

Varsity vs Terra 11-3-15-285

I hated opening at Terra - lousy field but a friendly game that despite the score disparity ended in with a lot of handshakes and hugs.

Varsity vs Reagan 11-4-15-222

A day later Reagan went down in utter humiliation - and not nearly as friendly a manner. Oh well…… just too bad.

JV handily defeats Doral 11-5-15-6

On Thursday the JV Blue squad laid Doral low - what a wonderful week to be a photographer.

Varsity vs WESTLAND 11-10-15-261

The wins and outstanding performances continue: Varsity ate Westland for a snack :

Varsity vs WESTLAND 11-10-15-9

Excellent, well played 3-0 victory of JV Blue team at Ransom Everglades. Wonderful evening.

zjv blue @ RE 11-11-15-28

Wow, the Doral match was hard fought -not only over the water supply but on the field as well. I’m eager to see the rematch!

varsity vs Doral 11-12-15-4
Varsity defeats Doral 11-16-15-374

MY friends , my umbrella, the old man left to shoot in the rain - OK,OK I gave them the umbrella and no way was I giving up: I knew that goal was coming and it was the high point of my week - probably the month