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cscs boys jv soccer v pinecrest-28
cscs jv vs gibbons 12-20-12-156


Well, as I wake this morning two things are readily apparent:  the Mayans were wrong and I was right.  The world is still here and in my word you guys are just terrific.

God bless, happy holidays and I look forward to seeing you all again.

It was a clean game that ended pleasantly despite the disparate score - no fights, no cursing - my hat goes off to the Cardinal Gibbons team members who played like gentlemen.  IF the Gibbons guys get to this page - the shots are free just click on the hot link to the right and you will be taken to the game images - if you have any trouble downloading go to the help page. Merry Christmas to all…………..

cscs jv soccer at somerset 12-18-12-121
cscs jv vs mccarthy 12-19-12-51


I thought "Santiago" meant St. James - looks like it could mean - up close and personal.

The rest of the images from the Archbishop McCarthy game are accessed to the right:


cscs jv soccer at somerset 12-18-12-110

Great game! Just a great game; I took the liberty with the first few shots to experiment. I used a shutter speed of only 1/200 - which will not perfectly freeze action. If done right, however, it gives a blur to the areas of foot or ball that are in high motion. Thus giving a sense of speed to a still photo. Does it work well? I'm not sold on it but would be interested in your opinion.

varsity cscs boys vsa.h. 12-6-12-136


The images from the varsity game against American Heritage of Boca Del ray are up - just click on the hot link to the right.

cscs boys jv soccer v pinecrest-74


Still undefeated! No score, but still not scored against.  I got a lot of shots as I always do when the game is vigorously contested by both sides.

The hot link to the right will take you to the photos - which are yours to have as my gift. I would love to be at your next game on Friday but wrestling has its first tournament:  The Coral Springs Duals  start Friday and continue on Saturday - take some time to come and support another Panther team

cscs girls varsity soccer 11-14-12-1
cscs jv soccer vs somerset-227
cscs girls jv soccer vs pinecrest-60


The JV girls play Pinecrest; something about the very elite private schools; I always run into a snot when  I ask directions.  Well, maybe it's me…..

cscs varsity soccer vs somerset 11-19-12-42


Busy week but the shots from the Somerset game are up at last - to the right as always.

cscs varsity soccer vs somerset 11-19-12-43

cscs jv soccer vs somerset-148


My new favorite team won today - makes for a nice weekend.  I'm looking forward to the next game - if I'm not there I'll be at some other game trying to spread the weal

cscs jv soccer vs somerset-214
cscs soccer jv and varsity mix -254


I wanted to shoot both games I wish they were on different days all the time so the decision would be easier! I ran between both games - I'm sure I missed something but tried my best.

cscs soccer jv and varsity mix -42

cscs girls varsity soccer 11-14-12-17


Yesterday the charter varsity girls played Pope John Paul II - great game - the images are accessed by the link to the right:

cscs girls varsity soccer 11-14-12-44

cscs jv soccer vs university 11-13-12-68
cscs jv soccer vs university 11-13-12-42


Terrific game, I love a good back and forth. It's going to be hard for me to decide whether I go to JV or Varsity. But, life is full of choices and it's good to have two great options for my afternoons.

cscs varsity vs heat 11-12-12-129

cscs varsity vs heat 11-12-12-9

Monday in Weston shooting Varsity as they played the HEAT. Then, Tuesday off to Pine Island Park for the JV - Wednesday the Girl's varsity - Thursday ? I'll see how much energy I have. 

Each game I go to is posted in the sidebar to the right with a link to take you to the galleries. You can have any photo you like with my compliments - PLEASE, remember to pay it forward! 


middle school soccer 11-9-12-72

Middle School - you're new to the site - take what you want - if you need help use the help page - PLEASE show this site to your parents.  Not just because they should know what sites you visit - but, because they will want the shots of you even more than you do. 

girls varsity 11-9-12-11

cscs jv and varsity soccer vs calvary-18
cscs jv and varsity soccer vs calvary-2


Last year i went to only one Charter soccer game. You see in New Jersey soccer is a fall sport starting in September ( snow!! ) and when I moved down here it never dawned on me that US High School seasons were not uniform.  One lives and learns……… I'll make a lot more games this year. If you're new here just click on the header for the game on the right and you'll be taken to the game page where you can download - at no charge - anything you like. If you need help there is a help page above

cscs jv and varsity soccer vs calvary-101