I coached and founded the first Woodbridge Division 1 team - so I do this in my sleep. Just have to make sure you can get close to the field.  Photography is more than action., it is emotion and compassion - the concentration on a players face is,

Arsenal vs Pythons-25

 often, more revealing of sports than the actual action.  

A huge part of my style is the environmental portrait. I scan the faces, the interaction of the players , the coaches and even the sidelines and sometimes I meet a little brother:

Generally, I follow each of the South Plainfield teams as much as possible -with almost no time for anything else other than Friday night football.

20090911-IMG_9184Remember Freshman year and A.J.'s remarkable and valiant efforts as keeper?

You guys didn't know me then  - time has flown by

The album is here.

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SPHS JV & Varsity defeat JFK-18

SPHS JV & Varsity defeat JFK-21