Water Polo Club Play 

MY club play year begins with the end of the High School season and ends with the new one. The first games covered here begin with Plantation and the White Caps in late April of 2013. One hot morning at  the Milander pool in Hialeah. I cover as many games as I can and always encourage parents, coaches or players to send me schedules donhunsinger@mac.com

beleb middle two-1
beleb middle three-1


The athletes are yours, the photos are mine and I give them to you freely. My retirement passion is to photograph local sports and to promote the concept of "pay it forward". Ask these young men of yours to pay for my work by doing a small , random act of kindness, for someone else. Call Grand Dad, be nice to a sister, help with the dishes - smile at the new kid in school. Or, though it seldom, alas, happens, go to the comments below and thank the nice photographer!

Scroll down for links to the game photos:

jon side 2-1

Game photos for White Caps under 14 ( Belen middle school ) against Plantation Club can be reached by clicking here.

jon link-1

For the Plantation under 14 vs Hialeah/Coral Gables click here & watch my new favorite goalie strut his stuff. 

parker two-1

Just before the last game against the under 18 Hialeah team a little fun was had - at least by some folks. Not sure about Parker. But for the rest of the action just click!


The section below contains links form the JO Qualfiers at the glorious campus of Saint Andrew's - ah! To be young and have such a school…

plan gull-1

First game of the morning. Plantation vs Gulliver. Excellent game - but, oh so early in the morning.

The photo gallery is accessed here.

raiders scots-1

Club teams from two of the very best schools around thrash out the second game of the morning.

The Raiders ( I dream about their pool! ) and the Scots image gallery is found here.

soflo plan-1

Plantation vs South Florida was shot as I began to wake up. I kid - the chance to watch these guys play gets me up early any day. The resulting pictures are here.

new into-1


The Scots take on Georgia as the morning session comes to a close.

The game images are here.

south florida vs gulliver 5-4-13-80
south florida vs gulliver 5-4-13-136

The under 16's of South Florida Water Polo Club took on the young men of Gulliver - a legend in South Florida water polo.

Great game, actually one great game after another. The image gallery is here.

georgia main -1

georgia main side 2 -1

The senior squad of South Florida - like most clubs a mix of players, but the bulk represent the wonderful St. Thomas Aquinas team coming off last weeks Florida State championship win.

Here they take on the young paladins of Atlanta - great guys; I hope we see them again.

Just click here and remember to pay it forward!

last game intro-1

The 18 and under players of Gulliver meet the senior squad of South Florida - two great teams shrink wrapped to the little pool - you might call it an "intimate game" Regardless , the photos are here.

end piece-1
raiders side-1

Ransom Everglades! yes, I know they have a club name. But they're still RE - great school, great location, great history, good looking - it's so unfair that they're good athletes too…..

Here they take on team Atlanta giving them a warm Florida welcome.

raiders main-1
raiders 18 main 5-1

Being Senior the RE under 18 team got to sleep in but showed for the next game vs the under 18 group from Georgia. Who took time off from tending their Florida Sun burns to play a terrific well fought match - the proof of which is here.

raiders 18 main 2-1

A St. Andrews student needs to juggle multiple and various priorities - not to mention the rigors of playing on one of the state's best teams -……. oh heck, i'm pushing this metaphor - really, I just think it's a cute shot.

The game is scots vs Georgia - these Georgia lads really came to play - like every other game!  God bless their weary muscles - the image gallery is here.

main side-1

Those Georgia boys are at it again…. this time taking on the boys from Plantation. Frankly, I got tired and went home after this - they were playing another match.

God! I hope they got a lot of sleep on the way home. The team was charming and polite not to say engaging……. I hope you come back - you might want to consider the international tournament here in Coral Springs on Presidents weekend - here are the pictures from that fantastic event. Just saying come back and have some fun - just please bring some sunscreen!!! The images from the Plantation game are here.

main side 2-1
white cap under 14 vs plantation 4-20-13-188

Don't just lay there with nothing to do - any comments ? see the contact page.

sfwpc girls 16u vs ycf 6-14-13-43

South Florida Water Polo at the Sunshine State Games June 14 to 16 2013

extras to end game-1

SFWPC Girls 16U vs YCF click here

SFWPC 16U vs Biscayne 6-15-13-1

SFWPC Boys 16U vs Biscayne click here

sfwpc 14u vs riptides 6-15-13-77

Our dear Levy shows us how to tie a cap. Click here for more tips and shots.

sfwpc 18u vs riptides 6-15-13-6

No longer " walking it in" - at this point I guess you have to say it's in. 

sfwpc 14u vs storm 6-15-13-21

SFWPC vs Storm - only one more to go!

sfwpc 18u vs ycf 6-15-13-15

The final game - for me - SFWPC 18u vs YCF

sfwpc vs bahamas 6-29?13-240

South Florida Water Polo Club @ the St. Andrews summer grand slam:

June 29 & 30.

sfwpc vs bahamas 6-29?13-198

SFWPC vs The Bahamas click here

sfwpc vs miami beach int'l 6-29?13-145

SFWPC vs Miami Beach International - click here.

sfwpc vs ycf 6-30-13-198

The final game:


sfwpc vs ycf 6-30-13-51