South Plainfield Soccer Club Spring 2011

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I hope you are navigating around my site with as little effort as possible. I try to use the same logic for each page.  The form is SPORT/teams/games.  So in this case we have Soccer/soccer club/season game page which we are now on.  This way I can leave the gallery pages and links up for years.

My Plan, as usual, is to make as many games as possible. Sometimes it won't be the whole game as I have to get to others - however, I do get involved with games and do, frequently, stay for a whole one.

Opening day was so cold that after three games I went home before the end of arsenal's game which I was enjoying but I had to pry my frozen fingers from the Camera and get someplace warm and cozy.  I hope you enjoy my work this season and please feel free to comment on anything you see.  I value feedback.

cover shot march 13-1All of the games I attended on Sunday, March 13 are up on my gallery site. Each game has it's own gallery and can be accessed by double clicking on the links on the sidebar. Here's a quick sample: gallant Jason in hot pursuit of the ball.