St Joe's swimming 2010-2011

The final story from the championship

Frosh Championship game-146Hey Guys!  I went to the Freshman championship on Thursday and I don't know a soul on the team - please let them know they can reach the photos here

st.joes2-1I know this is a sad evening for you - believe me I feel the disappointment as well - following you all year and to come so very close is a heartbreak. I look forward to seeing you all next year - it will be here before you know it & I will be shooting the South Plainfield Tiger Sharks this summer so I may see you ( I certainly hope I will ) in the summer - This entry closes the Falcon's 2010-2011 page - you will always have access to it. But,next year there will be a new page. I hope you enjoy this page as much as I enjoyed making it for you.

 Next tuesday - 2/22 I have a sports dinner with SPHS - their annual swim team dinner. But I will keep my fingers crossed and do what I can to get to the championship at the College of New Jersey.

St.Joes vs Bergen Catholic-77

The Bergen Catholic gallery is ready......

Great meet, this was a very enjoyable one for me, I love this pool, the space , the lights - even the officials - I see them so much that we have developed a good working relationship. 

 I hope that everyone enjoys these - I keep trying to take some portrait shots for the parents -  If I were selling they would "fly  off the shelves"!  I was very tempted to take some shots of the Senior ceremony but as I'm not well known to the parents, yet, I held off - next year.

St.Joes vs Bergen Catholic-85

"One school that always attracts attention is St. Joseph of Metuchen, No. 4 in The Star-Ledger Top 20, which followed the lead of double-winner Aleks Burzynski and rumbled to its 33rd straight title at the Greater Middlesex Conference Championships Saturday at the Sonny Werblin Center on the Rutgers campus in Piscataway."

The full story from Central can be read here.

Personally, I had a different take on the "Ho-Hum" story - you can read it here.

For St. Joe's scores please click here

St. Joseph vs CBA-42

I have come to love swimming for its challenges ; not to mention it's a nice warm place to go in winter... I added the Falcons to the teams I follow simply for their excellence . Yes, family members and friends children have long gone there. But, until recently, no one I knew swam so  the superior and consistent quality of the teams totally passed me by.  Where was I?  My nephew played baseball and soccer for St. Joe's and I went to every game - how did I miss swimming?  I, actually, had no idea there was a swim team. I , actually, am a lot brighter than this sounds...

Falcons vs Old Bridge-21

Please double click on the underlined meet label at right and you will be taken to the download gallery for that meet.

Falcons vs Old Bridge-48The OLd Bridge photos are up and can be seen and downloaded - just double click on the meet link to the right.

I had a great time all season and look forward to next year. If any of you swim with the South Plainfield Tiger Sharks I will see you there.

Falcons vs East Brunswick-53I have been doing local sport photography for around 35 years and experience tells me that next year, the results will be even better - I'll know you and you'll better understand what I do.   At the very least I will know who breaths right and who left. 

Falcons vs Old Bridge-17