Summer and fall Lacrosse

6-9-13 indoor lacrosse game 1-114
6-9-13 indoor lacrosse game 1-33

I've started to attend games - indoor for now - of off season Lacrosse. The first games I attended were on 7/9/13 and the game icons are to the right.  As I attend games and shoot I will load the games as fast as possible. If your game is not here please check back.

6-9-13 indoor lacrosse game 2-76

stealth vs raul & boys 7-16-13-193

So far, so good…. I'm getting used to indoor Lax. Bad lighting, lower quality of the photos. Shooting at 16,000 ISO rather than 250….. all the usual issues.  But good experience in that I have to rely on my skills to anticipate movement, shoot at "peak action" that fraction of a second before movement commences again - the classic example is to shoot a basketball jump shot at the top of the jump when the shooter is no longer moving up but has not started to move down - it's a tiny, tiny slice of time - but that is what peak action is all about.  Trust me. good results are not my great camera anymore than your skill at "shooting" is the amount you spend on your stick - no - it is the hours of practice we both devote to what we are trying to accomplish - it's all about practice and dedication. 

indoor lacrosse 7-23-13 raul vs stealth white-159

I swear the field gets darker each week! Still I have shot in coal mines before - this is better than Friday night  football under what passes for lights at High School fields and that season is almost upon us.

So I do a little sharpening and noise suppression and bring you the best I can.

indoor 7-23-13 stealth dark vs whalers-100