Swimming & Diving

dfb swimming vs cs and cg-97
swimming class 3a reg 3 district at deerfield-56

swimming class 3a reg 3 district at deerfield-146


I had an amazing day at districts.  Art is all about growth and learning.  There is a lot to be said for being forced to shoot from one angle, with bright sun to the side causing harsh shadows and intense contrast.

Lemons? Yes, but we all love lemonade…….I went for drama and intensity.  I think I was successful and hope you agree and enjoy them as I enjoyed the time with you.

swimming class 3a reg 3 district at deerfield-124

swimming dfb and coral glades-6
swimming dfb and coral glades-20

10/17 - Deerfield Beach and Coral Gables swimming  - excellent evening and a special night for the seniors. 

dfb swimming vs cs and cg-362


The photos from the swim meet at Deerfield Beach are up to the right.

I put up a lot of the diving photos because it is very new to me - not sure I can tell the good dives from the "opportunities to improve"……. you be the judge.

There are a few challenges to the pool at Deerfield Beach. Where the sun is, the diving boards not in a side well.  But, I love a challenge and look forward to the next meet.

fll swim v dillard plantation-102

        The Fort Lauderdale swimming and diving team 2012 

fll swim v dillard plantation-333
fll swim v dillard plantation-113


Two thumbs up!  A nice afternoon in the sun, two victories and time to have fun.

They call Thailand "the land of smiles"….

I'm thinking that's really Fort Lauderdale High - I have some of my best times there - thanks so much.

first fort lauderdale swim meet-49
first fort lauderdale swim meet-60

Sunshine!  I prayed for a break for you guys and I could not be more pleased with the victorious result.

first fort lauderdale swim meet-437-1

Next week I'll be with you as your confront Dillard and Plantation. 

The link to the right will take you to more than 400 shots - far more than most photographers would post. That's because the standard idea is to post the best - well I agree; but, I have a goal to give every parent and young athlete a good selection of shots by season's end.

fll rainout meet-1


fll rainout meet-4


Not the swim meet I expected. But, oddly, I had a nice time.  You're a great group and I'm looking forward to a good season. All the pictures are the result of one young lady asking for one picture as we sheltered from the rain - I had no idea that the line was, "forming to the right." 

I'll be at the meet on Monday - I have no idea who you will be swimming against - I was surprised that Aquinas was in this meet as they are in a different grouping - only shows how little I know!

You've got a great coach and I look forward to seeing many of you back with water polo. 

fll rainout meet-7
fort lauderdale swim practice-153
fort lauderdale swim practice-18


I was at the new Fort Lauderdale High School pool today to celebrate the new facility and photograph the swim team.

I enjoyed myself immensely and look forward to the season; especially the first meet on 9/5 against St. Thomas Aquinas. I'm not skilled enough to judge a swim team - but, I've worked many years with teams of young people and I can say that this is a fine group of young people and I look forward to seeing you through this season. Polite, engaging and a pleasure to be with.  The images I took of you today are accessed by clicking on the link to the right.

fort lauderdale swim practice-52

fort lauderdale swim practice-96

The images from the senior division of the Championship swim meet held at Coral Springs Aquatic center yesterday, 8/3/12, are up and accessed to the right.

sfwpc practice session-31

under construction for 2012 seaso