falcons swimming bannerThe season comes to and end and I will miss it but look forward to a St. Joe's

triumph in the year to come - they have the talent and the drive - 14 points, 22 the year before. It's trite to say you're driving in the right direction. But as I want you to get there , I think I'll come along for the ride and document the trip!

SPHS swimming vs Metuchen-126

Metuchen Swimmers

the photos are ready to download - double click on Swimming Tigers to the right and you will see the link to the gallery on  the South Plainfield swimming page. I hope to see you again. Perhaps in the Summer......

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JFK swim vs Perth Amboy-106

This is the most challenging sport that I photograph.

1.  The swimmers have their heads under the water for much of the time - like submarines they made their best speed under water.

2. When they come up for air you have to know if they are a left or right breather. Miss and no photo.

JFK swim vs Perth Amboy-58

3. The meets are really short - no time to be a little late. 15 minutes is a major deal.

4. The lighting is terrible - most high school sports suffer from that But, Chlorine has it's own greenish color as it reflects.

5. Hot and humid - it can be terrible - come in from the cold and the camera lens fogs up. There was one meet for the Y in Ridgewood that was so very humid that my lens took 40 minutes to warm up.

6. You never know whose winning, few schools have score boards that show a running total.  I go to the meet and have to check the paper!

7. A camera flash can start a dive inadvertently and that swimmer is out - I have to be very careful. 

Oh, there are many more. But, in reality, once you establish the trust of the swimmers the rewards are huge and there is a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. One of my personal goals is to master this sport - at least the photography !JFK vs Cranford-94


click here for photos of the WHS vs BGA swim meet on 12/03/10