pompano beach lifeguard challenge 7-20-13-1

I'm sort of stuck in my ways. But, 18 months after moving to Florida and after scores of football games, wrestling , etc. etc…. I made it to the beach. Truly, July 20, 2013 - FIRST trip to any Florida beach - It inspired a beach page - click here for anything beach related or see the icon to the right - as I'm sure surfing comes next.

Getting the swim season off to a rush:  I attended club swim team competition at Coral Springs Aquatic Center June 27 and 28 - see the new page for non High School events to the right. Getting in a little practice before the start of the high school season. 

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nova vs west broward 8-28-13 swimming-281

Nova Titans vs West Broward

I love that Nova has the diving as a separate pause in the meet.  Finally! I get to see and shoot the diving. So often, I don't even know that it is happening.  Bravo!

cshs swimming vs douglas 9-18-13-168