Teams I follow

I can't be everywhere at once so I thought it best to give some history and tell you the teams I work with.

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Florida has been an adventure for me.  For years I followed just a few schools in New Jersey. I worked closely with South Plainfield High School - wonderful kids, delightful staff and coaches. Really a joy to work with including my board of education contact. Now, how many people get to say that?  When confronted with a great deal of time on my hands and NO contacts in Florida the booster club offered to write letters to any school I chose. But one mom from the wrestling team came from Tamarac, has a brother with two sons in Coral Springs and they offered to contact the Charter School AD for me - and I was off.

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I soon discovered that, as some schools have different sports ( for the most part outside of private schools N.J. is more uniform ),   I dearly wanted to add water polo and Lacrosse to my skills and the charter had no H2O polo team.  Wrestling is a great love, fostered by SPHS which has one of the finest programs anywhere in the U.S. Trust me, you would not believe me if I told you how many people attend the wrestling meets at the school - you would think that I was, at least, exaggerating if not lying.  Charter has a smallish team - not a big sport for them - alas, I need my wrestling fix.

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So here goes.

First off, there are sports I don't care for:

Softball - sorry, not my thing;  Field hockey , flag football,  - I go to some basketball but, sadly, not on my A list of must go to and then there's track.  I go to track but there are so many events and time constrains ( things are going on all over a huge area ) that I seldom go.

Then there are the things I love:

Water Polo, soccer, Lacrosse, football, baseball, swimming and WRESTLING! 

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The following are not carved in stone but - again, there is only so much time and I've had some time to develop emotional bonds to some teams, kids, parents - you know life .. You see I pride myself on giving you quality and shoot a pro format called camera raw - a good four hours in photoshop for each game I go  to. So, it is a large commitment.

Football:Coral Springs Charter.  Most varsity games all over the U.S. are Friday night - you know " Friday night lights" no time for more than one.

Swimming:FortLauderdale - whomever they play and if I can the Charter school as it seems to be a different list of opponents - depends on time. I did an analysis based on last years schedules and it seems possible.

 Soccer CSCS  ( always seems to be days that all teams play at the same time ) Soccer was my first love and a game I coached for years.  My fist incarnation , before corporate New York, was small town New Jersey teaching.

Wrestling: I lean toward the Charter school. But last year the team was very small in numbers - great guys - but, get to districts and there are only a few contenders.  working on it - this year looks better!

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Lacrosse and Baseball: Charter only for baseball and Douglas thrown in for Lacrosse .as they play during the same season as Water Polo where will I find the time to eat and sleep?

Water Polo: This is going to be a heart wrenching season for me:  Not only the time overlaps with Lacrosse and Baseball but I started with Coral Springs, adopted Cooper City and became devoted to So Flo. it could be rough scheduling as South Florida water polo has players from many schools - one forms attachments to parents, players , yes - even supportive coaches.