The Beach - life guards - surfing - whatever!

pompano beach lifeguard challenge 7-20-13-23

Of course I chose a favorite wrestler to start my beach page - I'm so not a beach person. I prefer a mat, a roof over my head - some air Con and that oh so distinctive fragrance of the high school wrestler. Still ,we live in Florida and I have to show I'm not too old to learn some new tricks.  

To be honest, I have long wanted to learn to photograph surfing. But, in New Jersey a trip to the beach was a long drive and the traffic heading there could mean hours to arrive and find no one surfing. So, it never happened - but I buy my groceries on Atlantic ave - why did it take me so long to make a couple of miles drive over the bridge? Well I plan to go often in the future. 

pompano beach lifeguard challenge 7-20-13-219

I started with a life guard skills competition on Pompano beach - and guess what ? There were surfers there…….. 

pompano beach lifeguard challenge 7-20-13-20