The  Cowboys share their page for the playoffs

Play in games on 3/24

1. Boys:   St. Thomas Aquinas vs Westminster Academy 

2. Girls:   Cardinal Gibbons vs Westminster Academy 


Note, as of 4/20 ALL playoff games are linked on this page.

To make things easier as I finish processing; I will list here ( in no particular order other than giving priority to finals - there is a lot of photoshop to get done ) each of the games that match icons on the right sidebar.

1. Cooper City Boys vs Pines Charter - final

2. Cooper City Girls vs Pinces Charter - final

3. St Andrews boys vs Boca Raton - final

4. Boca Raton girls vs St Andrews - final

5. Cypress Bay girls vs Western District 11 semi final 

cypress bay boys vs nova district 11 final-42

6. Nova Boys vs Western District 11 semi final.

7 Hollywood Hills boys vs Cypress Bay semi

8.Hollywood Hills girls vs Cypress Bay final

9. Nova Boys vs Cypress Bay final

10 Nova boys vs Cypress Bay Final

11 Pines charter boys vs Flanagan semi final

12 Cooper City vs Pines Charter district 12 boys final

cowboys vs pines charter finals-379
cowboys vs pines charter finals-36

To the right are icon links to each of the district 12 championship games:

cowboys vs pines charter finals-167

4/17: Girls Cooper city vs Flanagan

4/17: Boys Cooper City vs. South Broward

4/17: Girls Pines Charter vs South Broward

4/17: Boys Pines Charter vs Flanagan

4/18: Girls Pines Charter vs Cooper City

4/18: Boys Pines Charter vs Cooper City

If you game is not up - it soon will be - all sports photographers shoot a lot. it's the nature of the beast - but, I post a lot as well in an effort to get everyone a nice selection.  But, it all takes time…...

cowboys vs pines charter finals-155

key one cowboys-1
call out connor-1

Welcome to your new page.  A page that you deserve, not because you play so very, very well. But, because in just two games with me, you displayed, good behavior, friendliness, and yes ,shown that you appreciate what I'm trying to do.  Believe me, I don't always get that - when a high performing team is "stuck up" I drop them very fast!  I'm retired and determined to do ONLY what I WANT to do - the work involved is too much to not have fun while doing it and you guys make me care that you win and want to come to the games. O.K soapbox closed - thanks for welcoming me and it will now be very hard to get rid of me.