The esthetics of the pool - light and shadow

sammy 2-1

A swim meet is very hard to photograph as a sport. Heads under water - always rising to breath on the opposite side to the lens.  The direction is always the same, no vagaries of running or swimming the field like football, soccer or water polo.

Hard? yes, but in the very hardness of swimming we find an extraordinary beauty of water frozen by the lens, of light and shadow enhanced by the filter of the water. A silky smoothness of form as water pours off a face. A slight adjustment of shutter speed can yield amazing differences in view.

sammy side-1

Last year I made a special effort to learn water polo, spending hours at South Florida practices - without which I would never have reached that "tipping point" where I passed from novice to a solid ( in my opinion of course) water polo photographer.

School year 2013 - 14 is the year of the swimmer.  

The hot link above "my first attempt" was taken on the off chance at the Nova Aquatic Center where a cooperative swimmer indulged my need to master angles, light settings and the mechanics of swim photography - a field in itself. Once mastered I can develop a more mature vision of the swim world.

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