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When we speak of artistic, or in my case, photographic style the idea is really one of vision. To a photographer vision is that special even unique way that we see the world. But not just "see" it is not a matter of accurately recording details like a copy machine. No, it is as much an interpretation done by our minds and souls as much as anything else. It might sound a bit grandiose and overblown to say "soul" but vision is nothing without the heart - mind is simply not good enough to compel the photo.

Each photographer brings a lifetime of experiences, of personal triumphs and failures to his vision.  This is the most important aspect that makes a photographer able to capture things better than someone else, able to portray things in a manner that brings clarity to what might be only a jumble of images. Look at it this way, each of us sees the world in a very wide angle view, I seek to narrow it, to bring order to visual chaos, to compose a photo in such a way that people are struck by the image, understand the meaning, the feeling and can identify with it.

Most people take photos with far too much detail, too much of that jumble, there is no clear center, no special message for anyone. Take the image to the right. It is done in the Renaissance style called ciaroscuro where we use very strong contrasts to bring special emphasize to the image - I have darkened the background and thrown light on the face, working on the eyes to enhance the iris and make the whole face luminous.  You can read about the technique here.

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Another technique that I use extensively because it allows me to use other objects, faces, etc. to direct the viewer towards the main subject and allow that subject to stand out is called: Selective focus. Often at sports events I use a very tiny central spot in my view finder to allow me to concentrate on one small area.