water Polo 2012

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4/9 to 4/10

Wow, two rugged days for me. I shot 8 water polo matches and have been in photoshop or shooting since 3 pm on Monday. You'd think I was still working - thank God I love the sport.  As they say if you do what you love you never work a day in your life.

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The shots form both the Westminster/South Broward games are up!  The galleries are accessed to the right.

The other  galleries from 4/5 are also up

Pembroke pines is just below.

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ppc vs ne boys game-46


While I hate night games because the lights make the colors hard to render correctly and the quality is just not there - this was , nonetheless, a great game to be at - hard play!

I would like to shot Pembroke Pines again in real daylight but the c2c site has no games listed at all - is your season done?  If there is a game PLEASE send me a note at donhunsinger@mac.com

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These photos are yours free in full format by download - this is NOT a "right click and paste" any trouble please see the help page here. All I ask is that you "pay it forward" do something nice for someone with no thought of reward for yourself; together we'll this a better place to be.  For me? Oh, just say "hi" I'm soft on good manners…………….

north east vs fort lauderdale-179-1

Having just retired and moved to Florida I was unprepared for both the drama and the simple pleasure of basking in the sun while watching the beauty of this sport unfold. I follow the Coral Springs team but will always make room for other teams - the game is just that good. These photos are yours free in full format by download - this is NOT a "right click and paste" any trouble please see the help page here.

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This was a fantastic game - one of the best i've seen in my, admittedly short time with the sport. A cliff hanger right to the end.

As you can see to the right II 'warmed up" by shooting a ton of rough housing and player warm ups - but, never fear the are several hundred action shots that can be accessed to the left.

Remember the shots are free - but, please try to do something nice for someone else without any thought of reward - a simple random act of kindness.  Call Grand Dad out of the blue or talk to that student no one ever treats well - O.K. at least smile.

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dfbh vs gibbons boys water polo-36

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The DeerField Beach game against Cardinal Gibbons is on the site and can be accessed through the link to the right.

I wish the DBHS boys would, just once, play a game in light - well - perhaps the playoffs

dfbh vs gibbons boys water polo-30