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"The art of photography is to make that which seems unbeautiful, beautiful.". - Jennifer Barton

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"I wonder where we find our photos now that the school season is over?" "Oh,  my friend , my friend - just look to the right and click on the Water Polo Club Play 2012 Icon." "Boy! I know your team is new but I thought this was the easy part."

Thanks so much for inviting me to the party - I  made this easy for you - just click on the link over Marshall's head to go to the party gallery.

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The school season is, sadly, over. I have added a link to the Broward All Star senior game at the right - and a link to a new page to house club play. Just click on the links to be taken to a page or the photo site.

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If you're looking for the Boca / Saint Andrew's game i attended click here - I promise my page design  next season will be more coherent. This was my first water polo season and I was, frankly. getting used to the teams and the way the season play off games progress.  

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It occurred to me today that my system of click on this if you played one team or here of you played another is subject to a lot of confusion.  So I'm abandon all attempts art being well balanced. Perhaps next year I'll have a better solution - but, for now. IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A PLAYOFF GAME - ANYTHING OTHER THAN REGULAR SEASON PLAY - JUST ENTER THE COWBOYS CORAL - I'LL PUT THEM ALL THERE.

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This afternoon two terrific groups of young people met in Cooper City; girls and boys -someone had to loose and,  truly, it saddens me when young people who I like have to go home unhappy.

I know it is very little compensation, but I have posted a large amount of shots - in the hope that I have something for everyone to remember. Believe me, the sadness of a loss fades and you will want to reflect on how well you all performed.

There is a lot of photoshop work to be done, so I have posted the championships right away under the Cowboy's Corral.  I have the semi's to finish. But, over the course of the next day or two the games will all be added.  REMEMBER: for both days, semi finals and finals - no matter who you played - the photo links are in the Cowboy's corral as they were the hosts and it makes it simpler.

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4/17 - The Districts begin!  I will be at Cooper City on 4/17 and 4/18 to cover Cooper City,Charles Flanagan, South Broward and Pines Charter.

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I plan - if possible - to drive from Cooper City to North East on 4/18 in an attempt to cover the district finals at 7PM.

On Thursday I will be at Boca and on Friday I'll cover District 11 at Nova High. 

To be clear: if you played Cooper City: enter the Corral; if you played ANY TEAM other than Cooper or Coral Springs click on the link above the middle icon to the right : the Cardinal Gibbons player white hat #8.

Cooper city Cowboys end a spectacular year with a 12 - 0 record and we're off to the races! That is the districts, semi finals and finals.   I always celebrate a new addition to my "stable" of favorite teams with a new banner for the site - I think the Cowboys will be up there for some time to come.  Photos from their race to the states will be "corralled" at right.

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This is my first year for water polo. Each year I try to add another sport to my quiver of photographic knowledge. I start by purchasing books about the sport and trying to understand the fundamentals - the real challenge, however, is coming back with the goods. A challenge that keeps me young and gainfully retired. 

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I always follow one school primarily and have selected Coral Springs High School to be my Water Polo choice.

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