White Cap Water Polo

whitecaps vs marlins 2-15-13-26
white cap under 14 vs plantation 4-20-13-124

I seldom do double work. However, since I wanted to create a Belen space on my site. I will load icons for the Whitecap games  on both my water polo club play AND here on the whitecap page of Belen Jesuit Athletics. 

The Belen parents and boys need only come here; any other spot on the site is a dupe for the other team to find.

swpc juniors vs whitecaps final game 4-89

Belen at the Sunshine State Games:

Hubris: I was so sure that I was immune to Jet Lag and could just power through it. After the Whitecap 18 and under game on Sunday I went home to "rest a bit" before the 14 and under game at 2:40 PM - stat down, passed out. Well, I meant to be there and feel so bad that I missed your big win.  All the other games will be up in the order I took them. Check BACK !

belen ryan ann-1
whitecaps 14 and under 6-14-13 vs gladiators-28

Whitecaps under 14 vs the Gladiators. Now, just who are the Gladiators?

In a way it's nice that I do not know I watch enough where I know the players are both sides and feel torn by the desire to choose and the good sense not to!  This was nice, a chance to be fully vested in cheering these young men on to victory.  

Still, I cheer very quietly.

whitecaps 14 and under 6-14-13 vs gladiators-49
belen announcement 1-1

I was able to take lots of warm up shots for this game as I was shooting another game in the main pool and could turn to the Whitecaps to catch some of the fun and interpersonal play.  Just the kind of shots both I and parents like - happy belated father's day.

By the way, if you're a player and have not shown this site to your parents please do! Please! These aren't just for Facebook.

sfwpc 14u vs storm 6-15-13-88

I had a fantastic time shooting the team at the Sunshine State games and I eagerly await the next outing. I hope I don't have to wait to the regular season = what will I do?

Anyway, thanks for being a congenial and fun group to work with.

white caps boys 98 vs calgary 2-14-14-3