White Caps 2015

My first tine with the Miami White Caps in 2015 was the South Florida Water Polo Clubs 13th annual international tournament in Coral Springs.

It’s weird but in the three years I have lived in Florida President’s weekend is consistently the coldest of the year.

God bless the young with blood thick enough for speedos - I can barely get up early enough for the games let alone … well, you know!

whitecaos 99 vs marlins 2-15-15-160
whitecaps extra-4 copy

I’m working on the games - processing takes time but my Belen boys have priority and I’m doing this as fast as I can - just keep watching this space for the links to the right.

white caps 99 vs tilbilsi 2-14-15-60

Second game to get done - the whitecaps 99 vs the aged and fully bearded denizens of the back alleys of Tilbilsi, Republic of Gerogia.  Nice of them to come so far - better if they shaved for the occasion.

white caps 99 vs tilbilsi 2-14-15-3

Working on the first day - OMG the contrast was terrible - miserable light - these are taking the longest. But working on them…….

whitecaps 96 vs princeton 2-13-15-9
whitecaps96 vs jamaicas 2-13-15-108
whitecaps vs greenwich  2-14-15-197
whitecaps vs greenwich  2-14-15-79 copy

All photos of the Whitecaps from the Coral Springs International tournament are done - it was a fabulous although very cold weekend.

Sunshine State Water Polo Tournament at Coral Spring Aquatic Center June 26- 28 , 2015

White caps -2

I’m working on each game - they will each be linked to the right:  as always, I had a great time just being with the team and look forward to seeing each of you when school returns. Again, thank you for giving an old guy a reason to get off the couch and spend time with you - it’s what keeps me going!

All the photos are donehowever, for the last two days smugmug has been very slow - at least for me.  I have given up trying to download images to link . So as you probably know anyway - you can go directly:


I actually miss you guys when you’re not around - have a lovely summer and I will see you in August -