How & why I shoot

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I guess he said it better than I have ever been able to articulate.  Happpy! 

Yes, happy is what I am with a camera in my hand. a game to shoot and the freedom to create some lasting memories of youth and our brief time in such innocence.

 I'm driven to it all the time. It's a passion, an art and an obsession that must be fed; made much easier by retirement with the resources to keep me fed while I pursue what i consider to be my art - or, at least, my vision of the world.  As to what I shoot that is a lot easier

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Perhaps it's easier for me with no "dog in the game" - no kid on the team to sideline me.aquinas me out of the water- the warm up-26

But, when I look at the field of play , regardless of whether it's a baseball diamond, a football field or a swimming pool - I always look of the geometry of the moment.

So much in photographic composition comes down to getting the shapes and angles, the intersections of form right, then we have a winning shot.  one that leads us into the depth of the picture.  Yes, you need vision.  To be memorable as a photographer you do need that special way of seeing that others don't have. But, if you don't get the geometry right - well, then maybe your vision needs a good set of bifocals.

cross country-72

Wondering amongst the team and just looking, looking often gives me the shots that I want.  I grant you, someone who does not share my vision doubtless thinks I'm taking some really useless shots.  

aquinas me out of the water- the warm up-16-1

Well, ,maybe so but then my way of seeing has to be mine or what I create is not worthy of the name art. With the fast shutters of today's cameras  it really is not so hard to "stop" action and if that is all sports is about then this is worthless. But I'm bold enough to think that I'm right and that these shots are the best of my work and will be treasured by families long after I'm gone.

Oh right!  That is why I do this……...

jv  vs belen jesuit-224


coral springs charter spring scrimmage-38