2012 regional-284

I think I have proved a tenant of the great philosopher Maimonides - " if you can think of a thing happening - it has already happened or will soon." Sort of a nothing new idea.

For the first time in 40 years of photography I was told that I could not use flash. Odd. So, you will see a difference between the opening shots and later ones as I had to use low light settings; resulting in more grain, etc.

But, in the words of another "old philosopher" -me- it is what it is. I ran everything through photoshop to bring up quality so I think you'll like them - please take whatever you like with my compliments.

2012 districts-223

Just double click on the link to the right:

I have placed over 350 photos from the meet on my site - these are free with my compliments.  If you know someone from another school, or even your own please let them know about the site.

double click on the photos to the right to be taken to the team page 2011, July 1 to be exact, is the date and year that I made it to retirement. Perhaps retiring to Florida is not a very original idea but I gave in to my arthritis and bought a house in Tamarac. I plan to  take my hobby and support of "paying it forward" with me to a new school. That school will need to be special indeed to match the very special young people I've meet these last years in South Plainfield. Since I will only be in New Jersey until Christmas all of the meets I get to will be on the one New Jersey page. I wish I could do more but I'm proud to have been associated with one of the ranked high school wrestling teams in the nation - not to mention cherished young friends. Double click on the photos to the right to be taken to the team pages

joe -1

Wrestling, swimming and soccer - the three legged stool that continues to drive my devotion to sports photography. I can think of no greater fun ( or pain! ) than to sit for hours on the gym floor during a wrestling tournament. I'm only sad that I have to leave some wonderful young people behind when I leave to return to my new home in Florida.